Thursday, September 21, 2006

Anticipation: My Two Playmates

My playmates love everything I do with them. Just listen:

* * *

"Aren't we the luckiest two beings in the whole universe?"

"Yes, I surely think you are right."

"Aren't his hands fantastic?"

"They certainly are."

"Really strong hands, but so caring."

"He rubs me in all the right places."

"Mmm-hmmm. Deep where it needs to be deep, light where it needs to ease up."

"He knows every curve of how I'm feeling."

"Yes. He has hands that listen."

"I'm getting all shimmery waiting for him."

"Hee hee. I know."

"Does he use his fingernails on you…?"

"Oh wow. It leaves me senseless!"

"Just sort of grazing you right – there?"

"Eeek! Ha ha ha ha! Don't get me started up!"

"Mmmmm. And that oil."

"Whaaaaaaaaa….. I'm squirming now."


"And almond, too, I swear. So very yummilicious."


"When he's through with me I feel completely worked over, but I'm ready to get up and carry him around!"

"Ha ha ha! I know what you mean. Just clean and vibrant all over. I could sleep or run a marathon, no diff. It is all good."

"Do you think he likes either one of us better?"

"Oh, don't go there."

"No, I'm serious. Does he spend more time on you than he does on me?"

"I never think about it."

"Oh right."

"Don't make me kick you."

"He really loves us both. I know that."

"To bits. We are spoiled little piggies."

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Ssssh. Hear that?"

"Oooooooh. That's the bottle!!"



"Me first!"

"No, baby, me first...!!"

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Wingtiphsu said...

Oh, please don't fight. Daddy loves both of you just the same...