Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back To The Theatre (or, I'm Not Dead Yet)

This is an update on a few projects. We shall return to the zany madcap satire shortly.

Today I had a business meeting on Venice Beach. (Why there? Because this is L.A. and you can.) Jennifer and I were working over our ideas and questions about the Theatre Dojo project and her own teaching work, combining yoga and theatrical acting. She said, "I just need to act - that will clear some of this up." I agreed: we will figure out how to combine our spiritual disciplines with theatre teaching by, duh, practicing theatre (and also by jumping in and teaching even if we don't feel ready).

So stay tuned! Here are just a few things coming to a space near you. Well, near me...

October 22: Private reading of a draft of Algernon's first radio play, working title Do You Hear What I Hear?, which is an entry in the National Audio Theatre Festivals annual competition.

Sometime around Halloween: Yours truly will teach an open workshop for actors that will be movement based rather than text based, and rooted in meditation. From stillness, we will take our awareness for a walk and let it dance us around and create characters for us. This will be for personal enrichment as well as professional, fostering greater self-awareness and addressing blocks in our creativity and expressiveness. You gotta be there. Dress comfortably because this is a "meditation class" that will make you sweat.

November 13 & 15: Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman (written by the very lovely David Rabinow) is one of three short works that will be performed at the McCadden Place Theatre in Los Angeles. The two-person piece (in which an angry liberal 50-foot woman encounters a 50-foot Dick Cheney among other things) is in rehearsal and will be performed by Jennifer Swain and me.

Come November we expect to be hearing much about the Theatre Dojo, a studio for actors to explore meditation, yoga, and tai chi integrated into acting to create a comprehensive theatre discipline. We believe acting is a martial art that can bring much more to your life than a job, and we want to practice with you.

Oh, and I haven't even told you about the "Writer In The Window" project! That will keep for now, but boy is it neat, folks. Stick around. We are going to have fun.

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Wingtiphsu said...

You never cease to amaze, Zen Master. Bravo!