Friday, September 29, 2006

Can I Miss Her Now?

This Letter To The Moon appeared on The Blue Doodle on September 9.

Dear Moon,

When are you going to keep your promise?

You remember our conversation that day, that terrible day, that gray day, when the ground rained towards the sky in blood, glass, dust. You know – that day.

In the evening I noticed the smoke had gone all the way up into your eyes and your eyes were hurting as bad as mine, and you and I were coughing together while I waited to see if Martha was coming home - even though I had a feeling she wasn't.

You sat with me on the balcony overlooking the scene, and I couldn't move. You said: Don't move, it's all right. You sat up with me all night, I dabbed at your eyes with my handkerchief and comforted you, and we became friends that night.

I asked you what hope there could be for us when even you, up there from your vantage point, felt the smoke in your eyes. You said: Ask me later.

Night after night, I returned to the balcony, looked down over hell, looked up to you, and asked. Every time, you said: Ask me later. Every day in the hospital, I wrote to you since I could not see you, and I asked God to ask you on my behalf, and God passed on your answer every single time.

Ask me later.

Ask me later.

You have no answer, and you don't want to admit it. That is fine with me. I am ready to move on to my next question.

Can I miss Martha now?


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