Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Man In The Moon

(This letter to the moon originally appeared in The Blue Doodle on August 18. My column is updated every Saturday - please visit every week and enjoy the latest letter to the moon.)


Dear Man In The Moon,

It makes more sense to write to you than the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, neither of whom I have ever seen; I have never addressed myself to God, come to think of it, and as far as I can tell He hasn't addressed me. You, on the other hand, are visible to me every evening.

Sir, if that is the proper way to address you, I am concerned about my teeth.

Oddly enough, Mr. Moon, I have made it past my 21st birthday without ever losing my baby teeth. I went through my entire childhood and teen years with a smile almost as striking as yours. Today, there is a gap in that smile.

At breakfast this morning, the tooth was wiggly, and mum said not to worry about it. At about four o'clock this evening, I felt something in my mouth and when I pulled it out, that's when I discovered it was my tooth. Dad suggested I put it under my pillow, and maybe the tooth fairy would leave something for me.

At the moment he said that, something passed between him and mum. For a moment, no one said anything, but they looked at one another for a moment and it felt like something was going on over my head.

Now I'm lying in bed and I cannot sleep. The tooth is here on my writing desk by my water glass. Tomorrow I have another job interview. So far, these have not gone well for me and this interview is one that my dad set up so I could finally start going to work like normal people. Now I've got this hole in my smile – that can't help my chances.

What now? I figure this tooth fairy thing is a great big joke, but for some reason I'm stuck. I can't bring myself to put the tooth under the pillow, and I can't just dismiss the whole business either. Is that crazy? Would my dad actually come up here and put something under my pillow in the middle of the night? Does he really think he could do that without me waking up?

There is a feeling in my body that's kind of like the feeling I get when I go on a flight with mum and dad, as the plane is just about to lift off, in the pit of my stomach. I don't feel sick so much as alarmed. Are all my teeth going to fall out at once? Will I get normal looking teeth, ever?

Can I just get this job tomorrow? That's all I ask this year. Next year, we could maybe have another conversation about a girlfriend. Do you have any connections up there? A friend of a friend, someone who can help me out? I get the feeling there's a move I'm supposed to make here, but I'm stumped.

Hey Moon, I just heard a sound. I think it's dad, creeping up to the door wondering if I'm asleep.

Yours truly,

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j said...

I really feel for Reg. I really do.