Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This Blog Brought To You By The Letter "G"

Recently, on that famous social-networking website, I got tagged with a silly blog assignment: choose several words beginning with the letter G and blog about them.

As sometimes happens, the words took over and what appeared was an amusing and provocative little story in which every single word starts with the letter G.

Not exactly what I was asked to do, but I hope you enjoy. Oh, and this story is NOT G-rated.

* * *

Grover Gatsby greases golden gewgaws. Genie grows. Grover gasps! Gewgaws gestate genies!

Genie goes, "Got gripes?"

Grover goes, "Golly!" Girds Grover's guts - getting guts grossly great, good gosh! Grover goes, "Got gams?"

Genie goes, "Grover gay?"

Grover goes, "Guys? Gross!! Got girls??"

Genie goes, "Geisha? Gymnast?"

Grover goes, "Glamour gal!"

Genie gestures: gal grows. Groovy gait, gossamer gericurls, glamorous gloves.

Genie goes, "Got game?"

Grover gasps. Grover goggles. Girl giggles.

Genie gestures. Game grows. Grover gussies, gauges girl. Girl gone gloomy. Grover grabs genie. "Gad!! Girl gloomy! Got gin?"

Genie gesticulates, gets gin. Girl grins. Grover grins. Girl gyrates. Grover guesses, "Gal gotten?" Grover-Girl gibber-jabber goes, goes, goes. Grover glows. Girl gleams. Guy-girl gladness glows. Great golly!

Grover gropes, girl grinds, Grover-girl grunt grunt grunt. G-spot grazed, glans glad-handed. Go! Go! Go! Grover gasps! Girl gasps! Grover-girl gloopy goo glistens.

Girl glad, Grover glad, Genie goes. Gimcrack guardian goes, gewgaw gestation grows.



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geez. gist great.

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pretty cool that I can comment and remain anonymous

I can be Mysterious
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I can be Merry

great blogs're brilliant.