Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Welcome to this refuge for my poor, long-suffering Friendster blog. For a limited time, while take Blogspot out for a test drive, I will post in both places (Friendster-permitting, that is). If Blogspot works out, it's going to be bye-bye Friendster: bye-bye to irritating flashing ads, bye-bye to an interface that prohibits readers from leaving comments, and bye-bye to the disobedient and unpredictable Friendster blog editor.


Lorianne said...

Hey there...welcome to Blogger!

The Big B's not perfect...but I find its interface to be a bit more versatile/user-friendly than Friendster. Of course, I'm probably biased since I started out on Blogger & still have several on-hiatus side-blogs here.

In any case, good luck as you continue your bloggish adventure.

Algernon said...

Thanks, Lori. An adventure it is.

Jana said...

Hi Algernon...your additional site is accessible. Consider yourself "bookmarked."