Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Come Again?

The following Letter To The Moon appeared on The Blue Doodle on October 7.

Dear Moon,

Here we go again. We must part company once more, as I leave you to confront a cruel emperor.

I address you because to you, everything is a cycle. But who is there to call it a 'cycle?' Aristotle watched you turn around and around, and he made up the idea of time. Plato, on the other hand, watched you turn around and around – and saw that the motion IS time.

So there is a cycle, and there is not.

It is time for me to leave you for a while, to be reborn on the earth as a mortal. As happened before, a cruel emporer is pulling the entire world into suffering, and nothing can be done because no one down there knows how to talk to Compassion.

Compassion and me, we have a relationship. We talk. She has helped me with cruel emporers before. He wanted eternal life, that old Caesar, and he tore up half the planet trying to find it. So Compassion gave me an elixir to take to him. Caesar did not trust me, and made me taste it first to see if it was poison. I drank, and smiled. He drank. We both died. I don't know where he went, but I floated back up to join you: the moon, my home.

To where does Caesar return? I do not know that, but we see he is back again. We confront one another, kill one another, and after flying home we return to do it again.

I ask you moon, because you know cycles: if there was no cruel emperor, would there be any need for me?

Is this what time is?

No time for your reply, dear moon; it is time to go.


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Sarah said...

Beautiful blog. I check in with Compassion often. Conversations with her help gain perspective on this crazy, frightening world we live in.

P.S. I think there will always be a cruel emperor until there is no more earth.