Friday, October 06, 2006

Lonely Flares

This Letter To The Moon appeared on The Blue Doodle on September 19.

Dear Moon,

There is nowhere else for me to turn. Laughing at myself, I resort to this desperate measure.

From your vantage point, can you see my old friend, Eric? Is he well? Is he happy? Is he roasting himself in the sun? Are his eyes tracing the shape of the Santa Monica mountains? Is he still going home to that apartment in Echo Park that smells like the neighbors' bong water? Or did he buy that house?

Does his chest rise and fall with ease? Does he sleep next to somebody short who fits snugly in the crook of his arm? Is he alone? Did he go back to smoking? Say, how are his hands? He chews his fingers when he's under stress.

Are you able to see and report anything? Anything at all.

He was my best friend and wants nothing from me anymore. Nor I from him, truly. I have moved on. I harbor no feelings of attachment. I am simply curious. One doesn't stop wondering about someone they have truly cared about.

Or do they?

Thanks for your help.


* * *

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your letter to the Moon.

The Moon receives much more mail than it could possibly answer, so please pardon this form reply.

While the letters include questions and prayers and tributes (which are greatly appreciated), most of them feature requests to surveil and/or report on specific persons all over the world: old friends, biological parents, spouses, soldiers abroad, previous lovers, and so on. ..n Please understand that it is impossible for the Moon to fulfill such requests. Although the Moon must leave you with your question, please know, dear human, that you have a lot of company.

We hope this eases your loneliness at least a little. Of course, we wish you a beautiful evening, tonight and every night to come.

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Ji Hyang said...

Dear Moon,
I am not lonely, but did miss my friend Algernon this weekend.

Have a beautiful evening.

Ji Hyang