Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some Comments On Bob Casey's NPR Interview This Morning

As long as my party is going to be shut out of the debates and effectively barred from the United States Congress, I am forced to look to the Democrats for a sensible opposition to the Orcs who currently occupy two out of three branches and for a hope of sensible government should the Dems seize power. I keep feeling let down.

This morning, it was a Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, Bob Casey. Casey, running for the Senate against incumbent Senator Rick Santorum, was interviewed on NPR this morning on just one topic: Iraq. To my ear, Casey played right into one of the GOP's talking points. That talking point goes something like this: "Democrats are great at criticizing our policy, but they have no plan of their own."

Sure enough Casey redirected every single question to the Bush Administration's failures (we know, we know, we get it) without advancing or even hinting at a better plan. So Steve Innskeep kept asking this candidate for the United States Senate: what next? How do we get Iraq into a condition where it would be morally acceptable to get out? What leverage do we use to assist or goad the Iraqis into taking over their own security? Casey did suggest a few desirable benchmarks while resisting a calendar deadline; when asked, dates aside, what we do if benchmarks are not met, Casey reverted to historical criticism of Bush's policy. Innskeep tried again. And he tried a third time. Same non-answer every time.

The only suggestion Casey threw out there was: make the Saudis pressure the Sunnis. Innskeep didn't bother asking how we might execute that idea.

At every opportunity he had to suggest a different way forward - even in broad, theoretical terms; or to describe a direction and say frankly, "I don't know how we get there yet, but I know this is the way and I know we can get there" - Casey turned back to kicking Bush.

A little better than Rahm Emanuel, I'll admit. But that is faint praise.

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