Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Theatre Dojo Begins

After lots of talk, the project is getting off the ground at last. I hope.

The idea began probably while I was still at Trinity Rep, having come through the Conservatory while living at Providence Zen Center. A training environment for actors in which their training included a disciplined approach incorporating zazen and intensive physical practice. To put it simply, I came to see acting as a martial art, and thought it should be taught that way.

Frankly, I would benefit from such a place myself; yet it doesn't exist. So, absurdly, I must build it and invite my betters to help me.

...and so two wonderful friends appeared: Chris Nelson, a writer and director who also teaches martial arts; and Jennifer Swain, an actor and director who is a yoga teacher as well (and is already teaching workshops for actors around Los Angeles).

Does anyone want to buy our peanuts? We'll see. We are introducing our approach in a 2-day introductory workshop November 18-19, for three hours each day. We have a studio at The Complex in Hollywood.

The idea is to invite a room full of good people more or less at cost, work together for the two days, and get lots of feedback about what is useful and true about the work.

We three are scared shitless, and also very excited.

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