Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This 2-Headed Beast Is Walking Into Walls

...or, "Some Thoughts on Rahm Emanuel's Appearance on NPR Yesterday."
I listened to Rahm Emanuel's interview on NPR yesterday and if anyone were to ask me...

...he pauses, and nobody asks him, so he pretends it was a rhetorical question and proceeds anyway...
I don't think he represented the Democrats well at all. Indeed, in his interview with Steve Innskeep yesterday morning he adopted the infuriating tactics of White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and George W. Bush: attacking questions rather than answering them, even attempting to shout down the reporter, and dismissing relevant historical questions as second-guessing (so as not to acknowledge missteps or, you know, lessons that may have been learned).

Nothing in this interview inspired me with any more confidence that the Democrats are prepared to lead with honesty and accountability.

The Democrats are hoping that we voters are sufficiently unhappy with the Republican majority that we turn to them looking for a new direction. I still do not believe the Democrats are truly offering anything new. Truth is, the Democratic and Republican parties have JOINTLY led us to where we are, as they have jointly held all of the federal power. This bicameral beast is not adequate to the tasks our republic must face. There must be a sharing of power, at least another presence at the table with a meaningful role to play in legislation and budgeting.

Left to itself, this 2-headed creature will not respond effectively to our energy needs, the condition of our ecosystem, our national security, nor the principles of liberty and justice that have been subjugated to the interests of power and wealth.

I grew up believing in a United States that exists only on paper, and that piece of paper is torn.

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Wingtiphsu said...

It's a minority opinion, I see very little difference ideologically and tactically between the elephant and donkey.

No American is so far gone to be publically against Liberty and Justice for All. Our Four Freedoms still are precious to us.

Blue, red and/or white, we are still more alike than we are different. I, for one, appreciate the luxury of being able to engage in such abstract nuances instead of scratching out a kilocalorie or two from the dirt while awaiting Death (as do so many all around the world). Blessings.