Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I Will Vote For Forrest Hill

With Green candidates running for several statewide offices in California and the United States Senate, the most meaningful Green vote might be for the office of Secretary of State. This is the Chief Elections Officer, responsible for elections, corporate chartering, the Political Reform Division, the International Business Relations program, and the State Archives, among other duties.

This would be an excellent seat for a well-qualified Green who could use the opportunity to promote reforms such as instant runoff voting and proportional representation, just for starters. Faith in our democratic process is shockingly low, and power over federal and local governments is in a strangehold by, for, and of two dominant political parties who select candidates to please their major financial donors. This is a huge, obvious, screaming problem: money controls the selection of candidates, and the monopoly is further preserved by a winner-take-all electoral process.

It may be Halloween today, but the real dress-up day will be Election Day when some of us – sadly, very few of us – will go the polls in the guise of Citizens Of A Democracy, pretending to cast a meaningful vote.

Or we can cast a meaningful vote for a good, qualified, sober guy with good ideas for reform and a willingness to present them to voters, as if we were halfway intelligent adults with an educable interest in our government.

Enter Forrest Hill. His campaign website is here and here is his bio. Here is a short article he wrote about media spending.

Hill also understands the critical connection between electoral reform and our environmental survival. With our elections dominated by corporate interests, our progress toward building a sustainable society (not to mention a fair society) is delayed or blocked altogether. The scientific news about our ecosystem is not great for human beings – the consequences of our economic arrangements are going to become clear in my lifetime. I can truly say that if I have children, I do not know what they will inherit. This is a sobering predicament, and neither Democrats nor Republicans are talking about it. That's crazy.

This is why I am registered Green despite some of the party's antics, and this is why I am voting for Forrest Hill as Secretary of State. If Hill got so much as 10% of the vote, it would bring more attention to these issues.

Please read a little bit about them. Think about giving Hill your vote. Whatever you choose, please think on these things.


Anonymous said...

The one thing I immediately grasp from ALL of your writings is your passion. You have a great passion for life. I owe you an apology. I'll leave it at that.

Ji Hyang said...

kwan seum bosal...I'm phone banking for MoveOn this week.

Algernon said...

Well, anonymous, thank you for your comment. It leaves me wondering for what you owe me an apology - I don't even know who you are.

Anonymous said...

because i insulted you and i am sorry. that was not my intent. in fact, quite the opposite.

Algernon said...

Apology accepted, anonymous. That I am having difficulty remembering where or when such a slight took place might be some solace to you.

Anonymous said...

The sin that is hidden is half forgiven.
Til we meet again.