Monday, December 11, 2006

Eyes of the Moon

This Letter to the Moon appeared in The Blue Doodle on October 21. To see the latest letter to the moon and tons of other good writing, go visit the Blue Doodle!


Dear Mr. Moon,

We are writing to check on your progress, six months after undergoing revolutionary ALL-LASER LASIK surgery at our clinic.

Although ALL-LASER LASIK produces a smaller flap than conventional Lasik procedures, there is still a chance of experiencing glare for a period of time after the surgery. By now, however, we hope your lenses have healed and adjusted and that you are enjoying astonishingly clear vision.

May I say personally that it was an honor and a humbling experience to supervise this procedure for a patient of your stature. Having performed more than 11,000 Lasik operations, I had never imagined that I would perform the surgery for the Man In The Moon.

Frankly, I have lost some sleep over the past six months wondering what it is you needed to see more clearly. I try to contemplate your vantage, and I get lost. I have been taking classes in astronomy and installed a three-dimensional hologram map of the solar system in Bill's room. Oh, that's my kid. We sent him off to college last year. He doesn't mind about his bedroom becoming the Milky Way. He said to me, "And you thought my room was messy!" Ha ha! My point is, I guess you could say I am a little obsessed.

What is it that you see more clearly. Do you actually look down on us? Did you squint before having the surgery? What was it that made you squint? What was it that you wanted to see? Somehow, the notion of the Man In The Moon seeing things does not freak me out - I guess I always accepted that, and never thought about it.

What makes me uncomfortable is the idea that there might be things you want to see but can't.

This is my card. It has all my contact info. Please, you must have time, can you be in touch? I would like to move on from this question and I don't know how.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Garabendi

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