Monday, January 15, 2007

Come On, Baby, Light My Labyrinth

It has been a while, but I have a new post to offer. The illustrations are very important, and Blogger always gives me a miserable time uploading photos, so I am simply going to link you to the post. Clicca qui and please enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Loved the labryinth piece. Loved the photos. Am oh, so disappointed at what is true of "Pan's Labryinth"... I had some high hopes for it (although it will probably be June before it gets to Tampa). Saw "Volver" was delicious.


j said...

I miss your posts. They come far too few in between.

When I encountered "Where does thinking begin and what comes right before your first thought?", a voice in my head immediately quipped "The Emotion" -- and that was even before I had really thought about your question.

That, by the way, was a great post.