Monday, January 29, 2007

Not A 9/11 Dream

Maybe it was the barley mushroom stew I made for dinner. Maybe it's the head cold that caught me over the weekend. Maybe it has just hit me that really, no REALLY really, the United States military is in the hands of psychopaths.

(No, really. It really is. And there is much more killing to come.)

Anyway, it was a night of very vivid dreams, in a continuous stream, ranging from hilariously cracked to spooky.

It started with a movie. Somebody made a Hollywood comedy with a featured cameo by our Vice-President, Dick Cheney. Somehow, Cheney agreed to play the role of a man-sized talking squirrel who looked and spoke very much like, well, Vice-President Dick Cheney.

The result was a clamour for interviews with the Vice-President about his new career as a film comedian, but he did not want to talk about the movie in which he played a squirrel. Soon, in fact, he was cutting interviewers off and demanding that journalists leave. In the dream, I watched him ordering journalists removed from Air Force One. Right around then, something started feeling Not Right.

Journalists are suddenly being shooed out of the capitol buildings, and all access to the Administration is cut off. Nobody knows what is going on.

The house shakes and something very terrible has happened, something I don't see in the dream or else I am not remembering, and I am walking alongside a great mass of people, walking away from a scene, not stopping, just keep on walking. I leave the city limits and keep on walking until, literally, I walk into a concrete barrier by a reservoir just outside a metropolis. I sit on the ground, back against the concrete barrier. It's a cool, sunny day.

Still in the dream, the thought appears: I've never had a 9/11 dream before.

A voice coming out of nowhere wakes me up with these words:

It isn't a 9/11 dream.

Good morning!

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j said...

yaiks talk about nightmares..