Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bodhidharma Walks In The Hood

Not really. Just a cool title for a blog about a nice surprise that hit my mind today.

You see, several staff members at this youth center where I work asked me to show them "some of that meditation." So I scheduled an hour in the dance room, brought in the cushions, sent everyone an email, and went in there at 1:00 Tuesday afternoon.

It was not very surprising that no one else made it. Busy place, people forget or can't make it. You may want to practice very sincerely, yet when sitting time comes there are always several important things that seem to need doing instead of meditating. That's what it's like trying to do meditation in the workplace. No sweat. I figured I might be sitting by myself, and that was okay by me. Great big room, a whole hour to myself. Great.

Then one of the kids walked in, looking around, and asked me what was going on. A nice boy, kind of shy. 14 years old. I told him what was going on. Then he did something I did not expect: he parked himself on a cushion, having made a firm decision he wanted to check this out.

Well... why not?

So I did the instruction with him and we sat together. Turns out he also tried yoga recently and likes that, too. He said he'd be back next time. (Which means I'm expected to do this again.) And if the room had been full of adults, as was the plan, I don't think he would have tried it. He did really well, and I made damned sure to tell him so.

A 14-year old South L.A. kid sitting Zen with me, two blocks away from the Crips' headquarters. This, I would never have predicted.

Don't know...

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Anonymous said...

there are those special ones that a person comes across only occasionally, though i think timing is also key... some of us aren't ready to be opened just yet, and others of us have had our brains fall out. (not a bad thing to be humpty for a while.) happy valentine's day, algernon. thank you for passing the goblet of ambrosia amongst all of us.