Thursday, February 01, 2007

Body Zen

At his weekly Tai Chi class in the park, Chris is trying to teach me self-defense against respiratory illnesses with bad Hollywood villain voices, as well as muggers or rascally cats.
What he is actually doing is bringing me back to the beginning of Zen practice. Attachment to sitting can be a pernicious problem. It's not a matter of willfully preferring sitting meditation to other activities, or considering the lotus position "special" - although that does go on in some places.

For me, it's less conscious. What happens is that the ease which allows body, mind, and breath to function as one event is associated with the sitting position. Stand up and walk around, and the unity explodes into habits and unconscious body language.

In desperation, Chris has me move into positions from a sitting posture to demonstrate - and then the connections make sense to my body.

* * *
If you're in town, why not join us? We meet on Wednesday nights in Barnsdall Park in Hollywood. The park is on Hollywood Boulevard, just west of Vermont. Drive up the hill, make a right, park, and walk up the stairs to the courtyard. The class is free and goes from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.

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