Friday, February 09, 2007

My Anna Nicole Smith Blog

We are so funny about celebrities.

We talk about them as if they were extended family members or people we knew, yet we seem to forget they are autonomous humans. It's as if people become less real the more famous they become. In the extreme cases, actors are killed in their homes by people who watched them on television.

About a real person, we would be thinking of the baby and hoping she gets a daddy and a good stepmom. We might acknowledge the tough and challenging life this woman had. Because of her odd celebrity (she was best known for marrying an elderly billionare, and not exactly respected for it), people feel free to say inhumane things. Not exactly displaying ourselves at our best with that.

Light a candle, chant namu ami ta bul, pray one Hail Mary, whatever seems appropriate, friends. A mother of a newborn has died.


Anonymous said...

Your commentary on Anna Nicole is right on.

j said...

I was hoping someone would say something like this because most of everything else's unbearably ugly. Thank goodness you're around.