Saturday, March 03, 2007


There is a website called LinkedIn which presents itself as a professional networking site - a networking site without the drama and garbage of MySpace. More text, less graphics. No blogs or personals ads with girls leering at you from the margins of the screen. For the most part, it's like swapping business cards.

There is, however, one interactive feature for conversation. It's simply called "Answers," in which people can post questions and the rest of the usership (I think I coined that word) can respond. Most of the categories are business-related, but some are more open.

For instance, this question was posted in the "Ethics" category:

Why did God create Man?
Answer using common sense and logic and not religious beliefs.

More than twenty people took a crack at it. Many of the responses took issue with the premise of the question - if you bring "God" into it, you're already talking about religious beliefs. Fair enough. Some of the responses were jokes. Some of them engaged the question. Check them out, if you like.

Here was my attempt:

If we take religious belief away from this question, what we are left with is, "Why are we here?"

There does not seem to be a lack of answers to that question. At any rate, human beings don't seem to be in a state of paralysis over the question. We've kept busy expanding our population, building higher and higher buildings, inventing things like combustion engines and electric can openers and iPods.

Not enough?

Well, we've also got lots of religions! We've got "one true God" religions, we have "no God but Mind" religions, we've got "Goddesses are everywhere" religions, we've got death cult religions and liberation theology and spiritual practices to awaken the heart...

...not enough?

Well, there's philosophy... games? life?

...haute cuisine?

Lots of answers, lots of interests, lots of pursuits. If they aren't adding up, then maybe it's not about having an answer. What happens if you hold the question and let it burn up your heart?



Ji Hyang said...

What does happen?

Anonymous said...

I saw the number of Algernon posts and my next thought was "A Treasure Trove." What Happens? Beloved/Lover of the Divine or the NonDivine. It's a dance.

j said...

i posted the question (why was man created?) on igod and he/it said:

Because Myself programmed me for it.

^_^ we are meant to be.

igod site here: