Friday, May 25, 2007

Dear Senator Reid

Dear Senator Majority Leader,

You blinked, and I'm upset about it.

While it is true, as you said, that Congress could not override a veto of appropriations that included a timeline, IT IS EQUALLY TRUE that the President cannot get funding for his war without signing a bill.

This is the power of the purse, and you did not wield it. The carnage has been funded by Congress once again.

You have attempted to speak of the appropriations bill as a success, but it is no such thing. Funding our misadventure in Iraq, funding the waste of American and Iraqi lives in an unjustified occupation, blessing the malignant policies of an administration that has gone terribly wrong, this bill is very simply a failure. Moreover, it constitutes a serious blow to my confidence in your party's ability to lead us out of the Bush area.

With grave disappointment,

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