Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Is Closer Than I Ever Need To Be, Thank You

9:42 PM

The flames are almost in view of the kitchen window. The Griffith Park wildfire has now consumed more than 200 acres. The roadblocks are one block north of my location, and I can feel the heat and gag on the smoke. The helicopters are zooming overhead and I hear the clamour of radios. There are five water-dropping helicopters in service tonight. The school where they have evacuated the Vermont Canyon neighborhood threatened by the fire is just two blocks south of me. These flames are high, very high. I can see the glow.

They think this was started by a discarded cigarette on the golf course. The culprit was himself badly burned. The temperature reached 97 today and it has been very dry.

The loudspeaker I hear is a police car issuing instructions to the residents north of Los Feliz Boulevard (one block north of where I am - wondering if I should relocate my books!). The evacuation area is just a little further north, to some very expensive homes on the southern ridge of the park.

There is no talk of evacuating this area (indeed, they are evacuating people here). It is closer than I need to get. I can actually feel the heat of the fire. That's plenty close.


Theriomorph said...

Algernon, that's horrible -

Be safe -

Hal Johnson said...

A, I feel for you, having lived in the shadow of clouds of smoke from forest fires myself. I hope you and your fellow Angelenos get relief soon. (And, I hope the George Harrison tree is still there.)

Ji Hyang said...

From Griffith Park to Catalina Island, kwan seum bosal...