Friday, June 22, 2007

The Zen Master Loses Three Minds

During a retreat at Dharma Zen Center, a student came to the interview room and bowed to the visiting teacher, Zen Master Bon Haeng.

"Good morning," said the teacher. "Any questions?"

"Yes sir," said the student. "Last night we had this dharma talk, and you made three kinds of mind. You made auditory mind, visual mind, and kinesthetic mind. How can we lose these three minds?"

"Let me ask you: what is visual mind?"

"Your mat is blue."

"Correct. And what is auditory mind?"

The student hit the floor. The teacher said, "Is that all?" The student said, "You heard that."

The teacher narrowed his eyes and said, "Not bad. What is kinesthetic mind?"

The student hit the teacher, who laughed and said, "Not bad. But I would have chosen this."

Then the teacher hugged the student. "Thank you for coming."

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i like this.