Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Follow-up About Those Posters

The voice of reason made an appearance in this blog's previous entry, reminding us that one can go to the government website and print PDF files of the required posters - for free. If you have to spend a couple of bucks, you can have the printouts laminated. As long as the damned things get up on the wall, and are legible.

I called Office Depot to ask about the posters we had ordered from them. (Big, colorful posters for which they charged fifty bucks - only to send us a postcard, hilariously packed in a big cardboard box, for us to fill out and send to some manufacturer.) They gave me the phone number of the posters' manufacturer, which I called, only to be told by said manufacturer that they do not even MAKE the product we had purchased.

Needless to say, Office Depot got a call from me demanding a refund (which we got) and telling them that they need to pull this advertisement off their website.

Bob, thanks for the reminder of what is obvious: buying something is not the answer to every problem.

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