Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Letting You Know I Have Nothing To Say

The phone rang. I fumbled to get the phone from the bag and put the little earpiece in my ear, but I missed the call. It was a 213 phone number, someone calling here in L.A., but a number I did not recognize. So I called the number back.

Curiosity! I reached a recording that said: "The number you are calling is out of service or has been disconnected."

Dialed the number again, same result.

Someone calling from their disconnected phone. Perhaps to tell me not to call them, as their phone has been disconnected.

I waited eagerly to see if there would a voice mail. "Hello, this message is to inform you that the number that called you has been disconnected."

Well, that's fine, Mr. and Mrs. 213, because I have nothing to say and am determined to say it!

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