Monday, August 13, 2007

A Letter From The Bar Association

Dear A,

Periodically, we see fit to send certain individuals a letter such as this one, in case their minds could use the rest. In most cases, it is unnecessary, but sometimes the letter is passed on to friends, family members, or tucked into memorial urns of forebears. Whatever applies.

We just wanted to let you know that, no matter what you were told in your youth, there is no likelihood that, "with a mind like yours," you could have made a great lawyer, judge, or legislator.

The compromises you would have forced to make, the social circles in which you would have to pass as normal, the deeds you would have been obliged to ignore, would have blown a .22 caliber exit hole in your nerves, which weren't doing so well to start with.

So please don't give it another thought.

With all sincerity and respect,

Your Friends at the American Bar Association

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Hal Johnson said...

Hm. I know a lawyer who left the civil side of her field because things can get so nasty when money is involved. Now she does criminal defense. People ask her how she can defend people she knows to be guilty. Her answer? "The Constitution."