Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sandstorms Ahead (The Countdown Continues)

The place where I am going has been serving up white-out sandstorms on a daily basis lately. The early warnings are to prepare for windy, dusty weather.

Meanwhile, nutty camp mates are cooking up all kinds of spaghetti-western themed mayhem. Including tying up damsels in distress on portable railroad tracks set up in front of the art cars. We may also attempt a highway robbery of an art car.

A cat is sniffing a sleeping bag, which has been laid open to air out. The cat is alarmed.

Q. What is a cat?

A cat is a mood disorder with four legs.

Make a list of things to do during a white-out. Hmmm. Play blind "Marco Polo?" Fly your tent like a kite? Go nude sand-bathing?

Or do a sand dance, like the lady in the photograph.

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