Thursday, August 09, 2007

Set A Man To Watch All Night, Watch All Night...

If you don't keep up your bridges and tunnels, they will disintegrate.

Decades of neglect can't be blamed on the President. Even if it is darkly amusing to see images of him with his country literally falling down around him. Our country, that is.

If we want safe bridges, we can't wait for our representatives to get around to it. We are going to have to demand it.

Dear Madam Speaker,

At his press conference this morning, the President announced his opposition to raising the federal gas tax by a nickel to pay for improvements to infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels.

He said that Congress needs to prioritize how it spends tax revenue. I agree, and have a suggestion.

When the President submits his next emergency supplemental appropriation for the occupation of Iraq, I propose dinging the appropriation. Of course, I would not ask you to put our soldiers in any more danger for lack of funding. Congress can, however, publically declare that it will shave the appropriation by a few billion to devote to badly-needed, overdue improvements to our infrastructure.

This is, after all, a matter of homeland security.



Anonymous said...

silly homeland security

Sai Ram said...

And when they send the troops to the next country, which may be Iran or Pakisthan or any poor african nation, let americans know these third world live with that sorrow of lacking infrastructure which is no news at all because it is normal to have a bridge collapse everyday.