Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where Are My Posters?

The labor law posters are supposed to be up on the wall already.

We ordered our new federal and state labor law notifications through Office Depot.

A day later, a box arrived. Broke the seal, opened the box, and what I found inside the box was a postcard. Just that, a postcard. (At least they didn't wrap the postcard in bubble-wrap.)

The postcard required me to fill out all of our contact information, and to make a checkmark next to the state for which I desired state posters. You might think that, being a California employer, we would want the CALIFORNIA poster. But you never know. It might amuse us to post the Arkansas laws instead.

So I filled out address, checked off CALIFORNIA, and dropped it in the mail. Weeks ago.

I'm getting ready to send a snarky letter about this.

And I will send my letter in that box.


Anonymous said...

Alg, many companies will try to sell you so-called "official" labor law posters. It's a waste of money. You don't need those fancy-schmanzy, huge, laminated jobbies. You can merely go online and print them out. Much cheaper. Just remember to change them out every year.

Bob in Florida

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Labor Board would accept this blog as explanation and proof that we ordered the posters???
Could we sue the company for not disclosing that our posters would take MONTHS to arrive??
And why does my cat insist on waking me up every morning at 5 am for some affection and food??

These are all questions that keep me awake at night… That and the meaning of life ( :

Thanks for lunch and the entertainment yesterday!!

A fellow co-worker