Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Foggy Basin Breakdown

Another morning of dense coastal fog has wrapped the city up in a cold grey blanket. LAX has shut down a couple of runways. The Burbank airport, which is where you really want to fly in and out of Los Angeles, was shut down for yesterday.

The roads have been perilous, even more so because Angelenos do not change their driving habits in response to bad weather. This is why, almost every day, you can flip on the radio and hear about traffic fatalities on one of the freeways - especially in wet and foggy weather. By the way, you must have a look at this hilarious local road rage blog. Local drivers are menaces under ideal conditions. Decrease the visibility or slick up the roads, and you have a high speed melee right out of the Mad Max movies.

Foggy mornings were once my favorite kind of morning to walk around in the woods near the monastery back at Providence Zen Center. They make a good walk here in the city, too, especially during this time when I live near Griffith Park, but my mornings have been stumbly, clattering around in an internal fog that is resistant even to very strong coffee.

My fiance prepares for her day in a storm of activity, as she has been sleeping later in recent days, and as she climbs into her own road warrior to brave the interstate, there is a moment of quiet where my body finally feels warm and it is time for me to face the gauntlet, pick a route, and drive into South Central.

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Jane R said...

Fiancee? Wait, I am about four months behind. What'd I miss?