Monday, December 17, 2007

Coming Soon, Maybe: Sitting in Studio City

A weekend has gone by. The lady was in Texas celebrating her sister's graduation, and I was ambitiously unproductive here in Los Angeles. I spoiled this trend at the very end of the weekend when the lady flew home and suggested it was time, at last, to put on the pilot light and get some heat going.

So Sunday night came and I did something productive after all. On the other hand, I got to feel manly and primal for bringing fire.

* * *
Well, okay, there was something else.
On Sunday morning I drove 11 miles to an eclectic fitness center in Studio City. The place is home to fitness classes described in their promotional literature as "kickass," combining yoga, dance, weight training, jump ropes, hula hoops, cardiovascular machines, music, and a teacher who never ever gets tired.
We might bring a sitting group there, or meditation classes of some kind, starting very soon. Watch this space for an announcement if you are interested in that.

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