Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fetus Reading List (Reader Participation, Please)

By now, our child has ear drums and a middle ear. Pretty soon the brain will begin receiving information from these tiny sensors and our kid will be able to hear me reading Shakespeare through mommy's belly.

Time to start our Fetus Reading List. This is where you come in: what are you suggestions for reading material? Please comments with the poets, essayists, dramatists, and orators you deem appropriate for our baby. Bear in mind, we do not know yet whether we are addressing Gabriel or Gabriela (Gabrielle?).

Yes yes, I know, I'd be competing with the flurrrrrsh and grrrrrgle of mommy's blood and digestive gasses and her heartbeat, but don't worry. I'm loud.

In other developments, our child's eyebrows are now developing. This child is going to have serious eyebrows. Nose, eyebrows - joy to the world, the second coming of Groucho Marx is upon us.

Now put on your thinking caps and let's have your Fetus Reading Lists.


Brian said...

Homer! Reading the Iliad in prose takes care of the good author AND the poetry. Two birds with one stone afterall.

(I also be known as Elmak)

Algernon said...

I love it! And I have just the translation: my friend Stan Lombardo's wonderful translation.

Brian said...

A wonderful translation, the very one I read myself!

Anonymous said...

Anything rhythmic - it is not the words that count as much as the sound of your voice.

Poetry (rhymed or at least with a strong meter) is good.

Dr. Seuss is excellent and fun :)

...and you might as well start reading Goodnight Moon. This way, you will have it memorized for the later stage when you are NOT ALLOWED TO HOLD THE BOOK.

I am so tickled for you both.

Ji Hyang said...

Naruda: On the Blue Shore of Silence, in the original Spanish. Rhythmic and lovely-- and a good choice for Mom, who you are presumably reading to as well...

Anonymous said...

Anything by Shakespeare. It's comedic, dramatic, rhythmic, classic, intelligent, and timeless.

Andrew said...

As I mentioned to you the other night, my recommendation is for two magazines; Sports Illustrated and Glamor.

Jane R said...

Dante, of course. Silly boy.

BTW, fiancée is spelled with two ees (ée) when it's a woman and one e (é) when it's a man. Sorry to be obnoxious but it's been driving me crazy.

Love the Baby Groucho/a image.