Saturday, December 08, 2007

This Blog Has Been Silent For A Week

It was anything but a slow week, you just didn't read anything about it here.

My fiance got sick to her stomach and it was a Biblical pestilence of an illness, a full-body catastrophe, a great whooping misery of an illness. I saw not only meals she had eaten: I saw chapters from cookbooks she had read. I saw receipts from grocery stores. It was, to end the matter, an astonishing illness.

My own astonishing illness is in the checkbook, infected by just a few creditors too many, with not quite enough plasma to neutralize them; and yet again, my bank account went into dry heaves and I canceled Christmas. No travel, no getaways. I am looking for a second job.

The first job I applied for, the very day I learned of an unanticipated $400 expense this month and canceled my ukulele lessons until, oh, 2008 sometime - this first desperate attempt I made to supplement my income was at a Honda dealership in North Hollywood. They are in need of a Saturday and Sunday receptionist.

I walked in, shirt and tie, holding my resume, and filled out a long application. Last degree earned: M.F.A. Position sought: Receptionist. Part-time. Secondary employment. Job history: college professor, performing artist, executive director of a religious non-profit organization. Position sought: receptionist. Part-time. Age: almost 37, about to become a father.

No phone call yet.

We had a great big fundraiser for the youth center at the Regent Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. We handed out trophies to famous people who got their friends to donate money, then we made everybody cry and asked them to donate a little more, and then we auctioned off some things that other folks had donated. It works well and everyone knows how this is how it works, and everyone is agreeable because the cause is pretty darn pure. One young fellow we invited to speak slew the room with a single line when he made a vow to live past the age of eighteen. After hearing three of our kids talk about their lives, speeches were folded into pockets and the subsequent speakers said, more or less, "I got nothin'."

Meanwhile, ten miles away from that hotel in Beverly Hills, the roof was leaking at the center itself. We've had some rain this past week, and as the fiance said (all recovered from the plague and back eating my pancakes), Los Angeles always looks better after it's had a wash.

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Ji Hyang said...

Sat with Bobby. Tim Woolard from the Cape gave a great Dharma Talk, on Bobby's tough love interviews, "You have to do it yourself."

Bobby herself: shining through pink-eye and an oncoming cold.