Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Early in the morning I am motorolaed awake and after a half hour of DharmaCraftsing the waking process is assisted by a process of starbucking. Eventually I honda myself to work where I mostly PC but sometimes bic and do a lot of xeroxing and pitneybowesing.

While I do this, the kids are "texting" and "googling" and "IMing." Myself, I don't have as much time for those things. I don't facebook or myspace. I kala a bit, trying to play better each and every day. On my lunch hour I sometimes do a little extra starbucking and either some meading or more usually a little light Atlanticking.

By the time I honda back home I'm pretty tired. My love, what do you think? Shall we pizza hut tonight, or do you want me to o'keefe and merritt us some dinner?

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