Monday, January 28, 2008

Anti-Personnel Cat Mine

It appears to be a typical bit of trash, a discarded sack of some kind, laying innocently in the path of unwary human beings. The only telltale sign, if you know to watch for it, is a protruding tail. It may even twitch slightly.

Exercise extreme caution and give the package a wide berth if you can. If you suspect that it is, in fact, an Anti-Personnel Cat Mine, do NOT attempt to defuse the trap yourself. This is a job for trained people.

Anti-Personnel Cat Mines cause innumerable personal injuries and property damage year after year. The ones loaded with Siamese varieties can be especially dangerous. The best protection against the Anti-Personnel Cat Mine is to learn how to recognize one and avoid it, or call on a qualified professional to clear the area and defuse the bomb using tuna treats.

[Feel free to click and enlarge this photograph of an actual Anti-Personnel Cat Mine for further study.]

1 comment:

Trinity said...

Oh my God! There's an "Anti-Personnel Cat Mine" even at my home!!!!
Sono spacciata! ;-P
In fact she use my legs to get her nails :-)
Buona serata!