Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Baby Is Moving!

A week from today, we should know whether this is a boy or a girl. That way we can stop referring to our child as "it."

This evening, as we settle into some Indian-style lentils and basmati rice, the kid is squirming around in Sarah's belly. She or he can now hear, so I speak to her regularly, pressing my face to Sarah's belly and saying Hello. This is your father. If you are bored, kick three times. We will have Sarah eat a rubik's cube or a book of sudoku or something. Soon enough you'll be out here wondering how the heck this all happened. Good night for now little one.

So far, nothing but squirming. Watch this space for updates.


Brian said...

Why not just splurge and get a Nintendo DS with Brain Age or something.... then supposedly s/he will be really smart when s/he's born!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you, I have put this page on my fav places as I wish to follow your newest chapter...I had been away from the other site as well but continue to write. actually just signed up for a nurse practicioner program: classes begin next week. My children are now grown and I begin my new chapter as well.
Stay well...Marylouise

Hal Johnson said...

This brought back some fond memories. When we went to U.C. Davis for the second sonogram, I would have had a lot of trouble answering if you asked me if I wanted a boy or a girl. But then, when the doc said, "You have a little boy," Rhonda actually exhaled with relief. "What was that about?", I asked. "I didn't want to play with dolls." She'd never revealed those sort of feelings to me until that moment. Thinking about it still makes me chuckle.

Jane R said...

Hey, boys can play with dolls!

This is lovely news. See my note on more recent post -- I hadn't read this yet.

XOXO Auntie Jane

dmr said...

This is wonderful news! You're going to be a daddy! Congratulations to both of you! peace, denise munro robb