Friday, January 04, 2008

Bow Ties In The News:

Every once in a while I stumble across a news article about bow ties, and each story confirms that bow ties are out of vogue except among people who are wonky, obnoxious, stubborn, or all three.

Like your humble correspondent:

From Illinois, some reaction to an unscientific internet poll that found negative reactions to images of faceless people wearing bow ties.

We are considered "older, fidgety, and dull, as well as Republican, scientific and smart or brainy." But there's more bad news: "Among the findings was fewer respondents wanted the bow tie wearer in their neighborhood, as a friend or in the family. Based only on the faceless photo, more people would stay away from the bow tie man and fewer might like him." (The possibility that the lack of a face skewed the results is not considered. I don't trust anyone without a face.)

Hmmm. No one mentioned Pee Wee Herman? When I wear a tie that's usually what I get: Pee Wee Herman jokes.

Another story about the research indicates that respondents were less likely to want us as co-workers - which might be understandable, since we are "more likely to be employed as a store clerk." Gamely, both stories interview attorneys, judges, and doctors who favor the bow tie for reasons that range from aesthetic to practical.

The myth that we must be smart comes from the rumor that bow ties are hard to tie. They really aren't, as some discover when they participate in bow-tie themed charity events like this one.

It's pretty hard to find a bow tie in retail stores, especially a freehand tie that isn't pre-tied and glued to a clip; but there seems to be a thriving business on line.

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Jane R said...

I dunno, back when I was living in Boston, all the psychiatrists wore bow ties -- with tweed jackets. Not clip-ons.

And the most dapper member of our faculty, who has now moved to --surprise, Boston, and he's not a psychiatrist-- taught in a blazer and bow tie (and a shirt and all the rest) and the kids (a somewhat hippie-ish lot with some athlete types mixed in) just loved him and thought he was da bomb. Two of the women students kept track of how many bow ties he had, too. He had quite a collection.

Also a friend of mine from the Pacific Northwest wears 'em and he has great politics. Though when he ran for (local) office last year, the consultant said "lose the bow tie" -- but he replaced it with an open collared shirt. They like informality in the PNW. So if he wore a four-in-hand he might have had to lose that too.

Anyway, I likes 'em.