Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Irvine meditation class - CANCELLED

Sadly, the Introduction to Zen Meditation course at U.C. Irvine Extension - which was to begin this Saturday - has been cancelled due to low enrollment.

Since 2004, this has been a popular course. I think the drop in enrollment this time has to do with a shocking hike in the enrollment fee: from $180 to $250! Way too high, in my humblest of humbles.

I am told that for budgetary reasons, the price hike was deemed necessary. Consider, however, that the price hike may have reduced their income:

10 people x $180 (which is less than the course's typical enrollment) = $1,800

0 people at $250 = $0

Ah well. If anyone wants to sit on Saturday mornings, let me know. Post a comment. I won't publish the comment, so you can leave me your contact info and it won't be shared.

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