Friday, January 25, 2008

There Will Be Mud

The rain has been coming down for days. One could look to the dark skies and mope, but I prefer to shoot a glance out the kitchen window, to the gardens of our neighbors across the horizon to the treetops of Griffith Park, and what I see are some happy trees. Greenery open wide and if you can imagine blushing in green, that is what you see here.

This is our winter storm. In five days, downtown Los Angeles has seen 2.25 inches of rain. Long Beach has gotten even more. Up in the mountains, they have seen 18 inches of snow come down, and the Interstate 5 through the highly elevated El Tejon pass has been closed since Wednesday.

And even if it continues through the weekend, it won't budge our drought. Up in Fresno, there are farmers turning to water as a cash crop as supplies grow more scarce. Figuratively, all this water and snow won't bring the reservoirs up an inch.

It is pretty though. I cannot account for this, but somehow it has always been the rainy days that cheer me up. If it rains on my 37th birthday tomorrow, I will feel just fine about it, and so will Sarah's plants.

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Andrew said...

For most of the year, L.A. seems removed from the rest of the country and rest of the planet. Like it is its own little world. When we get rain, the 3 days or so a year we get rain, it is a reminder to us that we are connected to the "outside world".

There can be normalcy in an abnormal city such as this.