Friday, January 11, 2008

What Do You Want To Be Called By Your Son?





Father. "Father.... " Nah. Bless-me-father-for-I-have-sinned.

Pop! Papa? Pops. Pa.

Opah! Abbah?

He could call me Mu Mun? Mu Dad. Mu Pa.




My Liege. Your Majesty. Sire. Thay Algernon. Vater!


I could wait and see what the kid calls me, but then I'll be answering to something like Gaaaawwwwaaaaarrrrrllaaaaroooooo!

So, poppa? Dad?

Sigh. I don't know. Do you have any ideas? Reader participation officially open...


Hal Johnson said...

Oh for heaven's sake, A. You're Italian, after all. Isn't it some sort of cosmic rule that you must be "Papa"?

I think that cosmic rule came into play when my son was two. For a time, he called me "PapaDaddy." Maybe it's because my wife is Italian, and thus the cosmic rule was blended.

Jane R said...

Yeah, really. Plus it will be a double-entendre, you know, with "Il Papa," the pope. Papa D'Ammassa. I like it. What is Sarah going to be?

Whatever he calls you, he will change it on his own when he's a teenager. But you do get to pick.

You've got time. Don't stress it. Once he's in the outside world here you may instinctively utter a word about who you are (as in "welcome, little Gabriel, I'm your dadoo" or "carissimo, io sono il tuo papa") and that will be what you are called.

Ji Hyang said...

Alger- dad

Amazing work today, btw. Remember you have a calling for this.

Anonymous said...

I agree....YOU can decide at first, but it will evolve over time to what HE wants to call you. I've always been and still am "mama" to my oldest (she's 27). The younger two started with "mama" , but now both call me "Ma". Suits me just fine.

For you? I kinda like the sound of "Papa".