Saturday, February 16, 2008

America Is Unsafe!!

I am going to hide under this bed until Congress allows Caesar to tap my phone with impunity!

At midnight, instead of the invasive Protect America Act, we will be forced to investigate and disrupt terrorists using the more "constitutional" (read: terrorist-loving!) FISA law. And that's just not good enough. Our Leader must have unbridled power to surveil us and keep us safe from any threat, unspecified or theoretical, from now until the end of history. We need a permanent infrastructure to spy on all our communications!

Unless we give our President the right to surveil our communications without a warrant, our nation stands on the brink of disaster.

So I have torn up and burned every copy of the Bill of Rights I could find in the house - including my freedom-hating neighbors' copies - and now I am sequestered under this bed until the President sounds the all clear and tells me, in those short sentences of his, that America has been scrubbed clean of due process and checks and balances that make us vulnerable to terror.

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blkwid said...

Good article, my SNLS! Also love the photo.