Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bathroom Dream

It was our bathroom here at home, and I was cleaning the shower walls and the bathtub.

The chore proceeded much as normal, with me scrubbing away and spraying the tile and the basin with some kind of commercial mildew-eating cleaning product. Spritz spritz, scrub scrub.

Very quickly, I notice that the spritz spritz is having a disasterous, astringent effect: the tile and the basin dry out, contract, and begin to crack. Before I stop scrubbing, I see a hole emerging in the tub itself...

Whereupon I wake up confused.

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Brian said...

Something has been bothering you in life, and every time you try to make things better, they only get worse.

You've done something you regret, and no amount of self-denial or hiding it away has made it go away, only become more apparent.

You fear the effects of commercialization on today's environment, and the ramifications of American's desire to seem perfect.

I always answer in threes - such is my calling.

~ Brian

Ji Hyang said...

completely exposed to the golden wind