Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Brief Word About the Republican Contests

The political experts and pundits are falling over with their brains coming out of their ears! Mike Huckabee is still around and winning primaries! How could it be?

Apparently, some folks still insist on voting for what they want.

They were told that McCain is now the frontrunner, they were told their candidate cannot win the nomination, they were told to silence their wishes and exercise their right to vote strategically. Indeed, from the perspective of a sincere Huckabee voter, what the establishment was ordering them to do was vote for the worser of two evils - for the good of their party.

And in Kansas and Louisiana yesterday, voters said, "Hey, thanks for the tip, but all the same we're gonna cast a vote for the candidate we like."

Amazing. If that keeps up, Mike Huckabee will still not be the nominee - but the mandate behind him establishes a constituency. Conservative Republicans are not inclined to be pushed aside by expediency. They consider their party as something that belongs to them as much as it belongs to other voters.

Progressive democrats might learn something from the people voting for Mike Huckabee. I can't tell you how many Dems I've heard lamenting that they couldn't possibly vote for Dennis Kucinich even though, on issues and philosophy, he was their candidate. Democrats have learned that they can't vote for the person they really want. That's why Russ Feingold didn't run for President, and that's why Congressman Kucinich couldn't even get into Democratic debates. That's why Democrats run in fear of being called "liberal." That's why they forever bet against their ideals and best aspirations.

The Huckabee voters do not subscribe to such self-defeating malaise. They compare the two remaining candidates for their party's nomination, and - against all conventional wisdom - vote for the candidate they want.

I applaud them. And no, I am not applauding them because it might tip the GOP further to the right and give the Democrats an advantage. No sir, I am sincerely applauding their willingness to vote for the candidate they want and to make their voices heard.


Anonymous said...

While I like what you have to say about the tenor of the GOP voters, I gotta wonder if you "applaud them" because you respect the choice they are making by not following the secret top GOP leadership anointing of McCain? And why does the media fear Kucinich and Paul? Ron Paul would be stymied from achieving most of his policy/agenda, but his efforts would move us back towards the political ideology the USA was found upon. -bradley

Algernon said...

Yes, I applaud for voting for the candidate they want, rather than meekly going along with the anointed frontrunner.

Why the media fears Kucinich and Paul is a question we share, and I am surprised and a little disappointed that Dr. Paul's following hasn't translated into more votes. At one point, I dared to dream he would be winning delegates and making some very shrewd libertarian critiques of the current political machine.