Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton Lied To My Face (And Yours)

Let me offer a concrete example with actual quotes, of why I cannot support Hillary Clinton for President short of a miraculous transformation of her character.

On 31 January 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had a debate in Hollywood - just a short drive from my apartment, as a matter of fact, at the Kodak Theatre. You may have watched it on CNN or caught it on YouTube. Perhaps you listened to it on the radio, as Sarah and I did in our respective traffic jams.

Senator Clinton was asked a very interesting question regarding Iraq. She was asked specifically why she voted against Senator Carl Levin's amendment to the Congressional authorization for the use of force in Iraq in 2002.

You can read the text of Levin's amendment yourself by clicking here.

In Los Angeles, Senator Clinton said she could not vote for the amendment because it "suggested the United States would subordinate whatever our judgment might be going forward to the United Nations Security Council." (Those are her words from the CNN debate on January 31.)

There can be no mistake here. It is not a matter of misinterpretation. I quote directly from Levin's amendment: "Congress...affirms that, under international law and the United Nations Charter, the United States has at all times the inherent right to use military force in self-defense."

Moreover, here is what Senator Levin said about his own amendment, straight from the Congressional Record: "There is no veto given the United Nations in this resolution of ours. Quite the opposite. We explicitly make it clear we maintain, of course, a right to use self-defense."

Senator Clinton knew what she was voting against in 2002, and in 2008 she sat in my city and lied to me and the American people about what she voted on and why.

For me, it has nothing to do with her being a woman, and nothing to do with Bill. Hillary Clinton already has her own legacy and it is a dark one. Like George W. Bush, she willingly misinformed the public about important public legislation that led us to war.

This isn't a case of hazy recollection less than six years later! If her memory was that bad, I'd be opposing her candidacy on grounds of incompetence. No, friends, she is highly competent. She is also invested in this war and will not say why; and, as indicated here, she is all too willing to violate the truth in order to invest us in it.

No. On the life of my son, no. Hillary Clinton is a paid-up member of a status quo that kills people and defiles the United States.

No, from my very soul.


Jane R said...

And in memory of this mother's son and too many more.

Eva said...

YES! I agree 100%!!! I'm so glad I found your URL again.