Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Disheveled Campaign

Previously, Notes From A Burning House has suggested that the way a politician campaigns will provide clues as to how that candidate will govern.

On a similar note, Frank Rich of the New York Times examines Senator Clinton's "disheveled campaign" and is surprised that "this is the candidate who keeps telling us she’s so competent that she’ll be ready to govern from Day 1."

I think the parallel he tries to draw between Hillary Clinton's primary campaign and the Bush Administration's handling of the Iraq war is a bit strained. He has, however, examined the management of the campaign and, well, we have to wonder why they underestimated the senator from Illinois, why they let themselves get so outflanked, why they still aren't in Vermont if they're planning to "go all the way" as they vowed, why they don't understand the Texas primary-caucus system yet - and why this "inexperienced" upstart who allegedly lacks substance has out-organized her?

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