Friday, February 29, 2008

Watch Me Die, Courtesy of NetFlix

Gentle readers,

A 'slasher' horror movie may or may not be your bag - as in body bag - and by no means would I insist you sit through one, not even this one, if it would not amuse you. The movie I refer to The Cellar Door, a nasty little number about a homicidal killer who looks vaguely like someone you've seen in commercials, who is drawn to comely women who loll about their unsecured apartments scantily clad, and seems to have lots of time on his hands. Yes, one of those.

It was written by a thoroughly reprehensible person with whom I have cultivated friendship as a way of, hopefully, taming him and channeling him into socially redeeming pursuits. So far, I have failed miserably.

The movie played in a few cities and is now coming out on DVD. It is also up on NetFlix, and those of you with NetFlix are in a position to do me and my emerging family a small favor. Here's the deal: if lots of people put our movie in their queue, NetFlix will buy more DVD's.

Would you NetFlix people be so kind as to put our movie in your queue? You don't have to watch the movie when it arrives, and if you do take some little pleasure in watching my filleting, that's none of my business.

Thank you ever so much!


Hal Johnson said...

Okay Papa A, The Cellar Door is now on my Netflix que. I'll have you know I've never done that for a friend before.

Jane R said...