Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Been A Little Busy

Hello, dear reader, one of four or five readers who check in on this blog occasionally, thank you for stopping by and keeping this blog in your thoughts.

I've been on a top secret mission prospecting minerals in a little-known African country - well, no. That's silly. Actually, what I've been up to is much more pedestrian - I have accepted a full-time job as a crossing guard. No, that's a bad pun. No, seriously, what I've been working on is developing a cactus that pulls up oil from deep in the ground - by the time the cactus is 10 years old it is saturated with crude, ready to be harvested and squeezed without any expensive drills.

Wouldn't that be nice! Actually, no, that's not what I've been up to.

My baby has started speaking in utero and so I've been spending my nights at Sarah's belly, teaching him Italian, determined that he will be a bilingual child from birth. There is so much bullshit in the world, he's going to need at least two languages to help address it.

Don't believe that either, do you? That's why I love you, dear reader, you are smart. You know that some of this blog is utter fiction, some of it is autobiographical, and that at any moment what comes out is simply whatever made me laugh at that moment, in raw form and rarely revised. The crudest stuff you could squeeze out of a cactus.

I have not been here much this week because I've been working on other projects. Doing some improvisational acting with some nice and talented people in the Fairfax district; drafting an actual written contract to use for wedding officiant services (now that I've married so many of my friends, I'm started to be referred to people I don't know as well and, well, there are very good reasons to put things in writing); finished up a draft of a new play, and another one is starting to emerge from my fitful pencil scratches.

So this week I am posting a bit less often but I haven't wandered far. But if a latecomer stops by and wants to know where I am, you folks just tell him I'm mining Rhodizite in Madagascar, won't you? Let's have some fun on a Tuesday.


Donna said...

I'm betting the nightly Italian lesson is a reality ... and music lesson, encyclopedia readings...

Love the cactus idea! I wish you really were developing it!

You, Sarah, and Gabriel are in my thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity (I know...that's what killed the cat), what kind of ceremony do you and Sarah plan to have when y'all tie the knot?


Algernon said...

Well, I wanted a grand, operatic affair that included a mariachi band and flying machines to suspend winged cherubs over our heads and a fertility rite to take place standing at the lip of an active volcano. Sarah said, "That sounds good, maybe we could dial it back a little bit." Tight budget and all.

We'll work out the details and let you know.