Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years

Five years ago today, our tyrant condemned two countries to hell in a ruinous war.

Even when it became clear we had been swindled into a pre-meditated war, a compliant Congress went along with the tyrant's program, faithfully funding his insane and aimless project, and doing nothing effective to curb his overreaching abuse of executive power and the American people.

On the fifth anniversary, he repeats the lie that this foreign occupation makes our country "safer" when exactly the opposite is true.

No President has broken his oath of office more flagarantly or with more lasting damage. And the institutions of our country were completely baffled in their role of oversight. A malignant administration ran amok and the United States could not defend herself.

Five years later, one must seriously question our republic's ability to fend off the advances of a dictator more capable and determined than George W. Bush or Richard Cheney. It is a question we should give long, sober thought. And since the press will not ask this question, the people must bring it up. Every day, anywhere we discuss politics. We must talk openly about tyranny and authoritarianism for the sake of national security and the survival of Constitutional government.

We must ask the candidates for President.

Yesterday, one of the candidates gave a speech many consider brave and inspirational, saying some frank things about race and class in our country. We must be as brave and as frank in discussing the abuse of power that has taken place over the last eight years, the drastic expansion of executive power and the unchecked power of the justice system, and how Congress can safely rein in a disasterous war.


Mike said...

I wish I could share your optimism that a Party change would do the trick. It's hard to see much difference between the two.

However, I do think that for those of us who are anti-war, Obama is the best, or only, choice.

Algernon said...

My optimism that a party change would do the trick? Oh dear, I feel no such optimism. The Democratic-controlled Congress has been abysmal, completely unable to rein in the excesses of an executive branch run amok.