Friday, March 14, 2008

The Tale of Sir Ackenfloyd

Sir Ackenfloyd quaffs his morning coffee and Lady Scinticleer helps him into his chainmail, then his platemail, and the rest of his armor. She senses some hesitancy. "Good knight," she says.
"It's morning, dear."

"No no, Ackenfloyd, I was just going to ask you, what burdens you?"

Ackenfloyd sighs and the armor settles around him, going tinka-tink, and Scinticleer realizes the brave knight is dragging his feet about going to the round table this morning. "It's just that..." and he pauses for inspiration. "It's a good job and all, but sometimes I don't feel like going. Some of the other knights, they - they-"

"Yes? Yes?"

"They interrupt. It's awfully rude. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence, they - "

"They just start talking right over you?"

"Yes. Exactly."

Lady Scinticleer smiles warmly and eases on her knight's helmet. "The way to handle that, my light, is simply to pause for ten seconds every time you are interrupted. They will soon learn they gain no time by interrupting you like that, and things will go much more swiftly if they learn to be patient and take their turn at conversation."

Under his helmet, Sir Ackenfloyd is smiling at his lady's wisdom. Since he cannot nod his head, he gives a slight bow of his upper body and says, "Yes! That is wise! I shall try that!"

With endearments and prayers, Lady Scinticleer waves him off, and good knight Sir Ackenfloyd heads outdoors to assume his mount. He looks up and down the path and wonders to himself...

"Now where did I leave my horse this time?"

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