Friday, March 28, 2008

Today The Mayor Will Visit

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is scheduled to visit the center today.

Of course, they also told me Paris Hilton was going to drop by our most recent fundraising event. She didn't show, but the night was still "hot."

Part of the center is leased by the LAUSD to house an alternative education high school and their classrooms have just gotten a beautiful overhaul funded by Target. They now have an official Target floor, just like the one you walk on when you go to their stores for cheap candle holders or clothes or plastic bins to store your old taxes. With new carpeting, fresh paint, a drop ceiling, some new furniture, and other spiffy details, the room looks just grand.

And so, no doubt, will our well-tanned mayor.

Lately I've been walking around the office making a grinding sound - the sound a car makes when it is bearing far too much weight and is sitting squarely on its suspension, knocking the passenger's teeth out as it hits bumps and potholes. The metaphor of wearing too many hats is no longer appropriate. I'm wearing a three-piece concrete suit while wading in a pool.

Today, however, I will brush off that concrete suit, adorn it with a stucco bow tie, and smile for the mayor.

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