Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If I Had An Agent, He'd Make Me Grow My Hair

This entry is for plugging my friends and inviting you out for a pleasant evening or two.

Doing improv with these nice folks has been great fun. I would rather be doing this than getting new headshots and auditioning for soap operas or AFLAC commercials or whatever. God, I'd probably have to grow my hair back.

Nah, this is fun. I've been doing some long-form improvisational theatre with a group of nice, smart people. Back to them in just a moment.

Would you like to join me for some entertaining theatre this weekend, gentle reader? Come on out. Sarah is going to be performing at a wedding and my plans to go back east have been cancelled - damn these expensive airline tickets.

So come on out, say hello to me, and enjoy some of my talented friends!

On Friday night (Thursday and Saturday nights as well), this superband of monologue artists, officially known as The Quarterly Report, will be telling new stories. If you can make it out to see them at The Fake Gallery Friday night, look for a bald blogger and say hi!

And on Saturday night, my friend Andrew is joining me at Bang to enjoy an improv competition: The Jews vs. The Christians. We are also going to work fermented alcoholic beverages into the evening, so you should join us.

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